Rufus Honker IV (rufushonkeriv) wrote in paper_journals,
Rufus Honker IV

First time poster

Hi, folks. I've kept a journal for almost 18 years now.

In front is volume one on the left, and the most recent and in progress (volume 19) on the right. It's not as eye-friendly as many of the great journals I've seen on here, but I'm rather proud of it. :) I do have an illustration here and there, but mostly handwriting.

It's really nothing to write home about. I started with a cheapo "five year diary" with a little lock and key that I bought on a whim when I was 15, but didn't seriously pick it up until my mother's suicide attempt on November 3, 1990, later that year. (She's fine now BTW, - it was just the seed that started me writing), My entries were not daily, averaging about 20 per year and only really scratching the surface of my life. In August of 1992 I copied everything from my cheesy cheap diary into a composition book (I call them "cow spot" books), and I've been using those since then, as you can see.

I kept up with increasingly sporadic entries- when I met my future wife all of a sudden I dropped to one or two entries per year, which is annoying in retrospect because that's the sort of thing I wanted to have covered. I got a job as a night shift desk attendant in 2001, and since 2003 I've started keeping a book with me at work, and have been filling in the gaps in my life as I go plus keeping up with current times.

I recently got my mitts on a laptop and have dug into the task of typing it up. (I want to keep a digital copy in case of fire, etc - my kids have a lot of family history in there!)  I've got the first two volumes done, covering 1990-2003 but as you can see, I've got a job ahead of me.  Anyway, all this work on it made me wonder if there was a non-digital blog oriented journal, and here y'all are!
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