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paper_journals's Journal

For The Love Of The Paper Journal
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Hello Fellow Paper Journal Lovers! :)

This community was created for anyone interested in sharing their paper journals with the world. You can post anything from your personal journal, diary, art journal, altered book, scrapbook or sketchbook. Anything not related to art or journaling will be deleted.

The only thing I ask is that you put text-only posts behind a LJ-cut because some people have varying opinions about these types of posts.

Keep all images at a reasonable size. If they are massive or you are posting more than one, put them behind a LJ-cut please!

If you would like to share themes, ideas, journal prompts or anything that will help out fellow journalers in case of writer's block that would be very helpful! :) I will try and post prompts weekly every Sunday. I will post 7 prompts for the whole week. Hopefully, this will help people get new ideas. :)

If you would like to advertise any communities that deal with art or journaling (NOT including rating communities), please do so. Any other advertising is NOT allowed!

If you have any questions my email is available above.

Thank you,