dandelionjean (dandelionjean) wrote in paper_journals,

Wow, a "community" of journalers--

no, really, a community? of real people? Be still, my heart!

No one-- NO one-- in my real life journals, and few respect my keeping journals. My  husband really sneers @ it-- but he couldn't deal w/me at all if I didn't get stuff out of my head & onto paper, believe me. I used to just thrown my full journals out, then I got all melodramatic and started burning them ceremonially, but now-- I can't part w/them at all. Maybe it's some kind of midlife thing w/me, I don't know; maybe it's a sneaking suspicion that someday my kid'll want to understand what made me tick/who I actually was. Maybe it's vanity? Beats me, but not only do I keep them now, but I've posted layouts from 3 of them (so far) over in flickrland. 

Anybody want to see? Haven't figured out how to upload pic.s here yet (and I'd never do soooo many, I promise!), so go to 


if you're interested. I sure hope SOMEbody out there is!

Looking foreward to figuring all this livejournal stuff out,

Jean B. in SC

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