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recent art journal

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these are wonderful, out of curiosity what mediums (sp?) do you use?
I use a variety:
the top spread uses
a background of acrylic and colored pencil, gesso to raise up the lettering, acrylic on top of that and then a layer of matte medium mixed with black for color on the background watercolor crayons and colored pencil for the "glow" around the lettering
next up

collage, gesso and a sharpie, colored pencil, glazes to create layers of color, and a page from an old book that a crazy guy tossed int eh trash at work ( if you can see the larger images on flickr you can read the entry)

acrylic paint, colored pencil and water soluble crayons stamp pad ink

playing card page:
card/collage (I used these card as a kid- so they are about... 20 years old) acrylic, gesso, matte medium

last 2 pages are collage, colored pencil and matte medium. literally the garbage from several varieties of tea I sampled while at teh regional offices of my job. Green breeze is okay tumeric not so great and Roxy Rolles beer was had at home and damn tasty stuff.

click throughone of the images to getto my flickr site and see more picture.